What’s New in vRealize Operations 6.6?

Following on from this blog post by Taruna Gandhi last week, the GA release of vRealize Operations Manager 6.6 is now available to download from My VMware.

So you might be asking yourself What’s New with this release?


The focus of vRealize Operations 6.6 was to enhance the usability of the product and make it easier for users to consume.

In addition, vROps also expedites the time to value for users so they gain the most benefit much quicker.  This has been achieved through a new HTML5 UI, simpler and more focused dashboards which in turn allow for improved troubleshooting capabilities.

Main features and enhancements:

Simplified usability and faster time to value capabilities

  • Brand new HTML5 UI which uses the VMware Clarity standard and provides a consistent user experience across all Cloud Management products.
  • Quicker Navigation via Getting Started dashboard.
  • Use of persona based dashboards which provide answers in one single location:
    • Operations
    • Capacity and Utilization
    • Performance Troubleshooting
    • Workload Balance
    • Configuration and Compliance
  • OOTB integration with vSAN and vRealize Automation

Native vSAN Management

  • Centralized Management across stretched clusters.
  • Complete vSAN Management – including performance administration, capacity, logs and configuration / health.

Fully Automated Workload Balancing

  • Ensures optimum performance across datacenters with fully automated workload balancing across clusters and data stores.
  • Ensures DRS configurations and also provides option to set DRS automation levels for individual objects.
  • Pre-empting possible resource contention through the use of Predictive DRS.
  • Utilise Operations Analytics to optimize initial workload placement of vRealize Automation workloads.

Additional OOTB Compliance

  • Tackle compliance issues head on through the use of the new vSphere Hardening dashboard.
  • Added capabilities for PCI & HIPAA compliance on vSphere objects.
  • Ensure business configurations through new cluster, host and VM configuration dashboards.

Sizing & Scalability Updates

  • Now scale up to 6 XL nodes in a single cluster meaning you can support up to 180,000 objects and 45,000,000 million metrics.
    • 20% more than 16 large nodes in half the footprint.
  • Now monitor up to 60 vCenter Servers in a Single Instance – prior to 6.6 this number was 50 (20% increase).
  • Large Remote Collector can now support up to 15,000 objects (25% increase on 6.5).

Stay tuned for further content specific to vRealize Operations Manager 6.6 in the coming weeks.

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