VMworld 2020

In just 1 week the the annual event for all things VMware aka VMworld will be upon us.

This year’s event is going to be a lot different as for the first time it will be entirely virtual and online due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic but the upside to this is that the event is also 100% free and anyone can attend.

You can sign up and register here.

Session Tracks

This year’s VMworld is split up into 7 different session tracks targeting different areas of interest and current VMware solutions:

  • Vision and Innovation
  • Multi-Cloud
  • App Modernization
  • Intrinsic Security
  • Virtual Cloud Network
  • Digital Workspace
  • Telco 5G

You can find more information about each track under the Tracks section during the conference.

Each session will have a session prefix (eg VI for Vision and Innovation) and the session tracks can be filtered out in the Content Catalog to narrow down your session choices (if applicable).

VMworld On Demand Session

This years VMworld is also extra significant for me as for the first time I will have an On Demand Breakout Session as part of the Intrinsic Security track, whilst I am a little disappointed I won’t get to present my session live in person I am still grateful for the opportunity.

ISNS1285: Why vRealize Network Insight is the Must-Have tool for Network Monitoring.

During my session I will provide an overview of vRealize Network Insight aka vRNI and how you can use it to provide End to End visibility into your network from the Datacenter all the way out to the Edge (SD-WAN) as well as Public + Hybrid Cloud.

There will also be several demos to help illustrate the capabilities of vRNI.

Whilst there will be no live Q&A during the session, I will be following any discussion on twitter during VMworld using the hashtag #isns1285

More details can be found in the content catalog entry along with a link to view the session during VMworld.

Demo Zone

In addition, I am also fortunate to have been selected as a chat host at the VMware Demo Zone for vRealize Network Insight during the Americas Time Zones.

Session Times

09/29: 10:00AM – 1:00PM PDT / 1:00PM – 3:00PM EDT
09/30: 08:00AM – 1:00PM PDT / 11:00AM – 4:00PM EDT

The VMware Demo Zone will give you an opportunity to view demos of all of our products along with the opportunity to ask Q&A with the chat hosts. So if you have any specific questions about vRNI then feel free to attend the demo zone during the session times above and send me a question!

This years VMworld is going to be extra busy for me but I am hoping to catch a lot of the sessions (both Live and On Demand) as my time allows.

I will be active on twitter during VMworld so if you want to catch up or have a chat, feel free to send me a message on twitter – @lukaswinn

I hope you find time to catch my vRNI On Demand session and enjoy VMworld 2020!

— Lukas

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